Friday, March 28, 2008

A Few Fun March Pics

Having fun at the Primary Easter Activity. It didn't take long for my kids to be covered in melted candy!

Jon's favorite girls, all ready for Easter.

Cool Aaron out for a cruise on his bike.

Before the moms could turn around, all the 3 & 4 year-olds had jumped into the car-strollers at the mall. Aaron's leading the pack as they pretend to race "Lightning McQueen" style.

Sarah, ever a girlie-girl, couldn't help but play "Beauty Shop" with a none-too-thrilled Aaron.

Spring Break!

Well, it’s been a busy and fun couple of weeks—no wonder I haven’t had time to update my blog. That, and my camera broke, and what’s a good blog without pictures, right?

March is always such a fun month here in Arizona. Not only is the weather perfect (hint, hint, for anyone wanting to plan an Arizona getaway), but Jon also gets a two-week Spring Break! Yeah for year-round teaching! Crystal surprised us during Jon’s first week off with an impromptu visit. Unfortunately, she immediately became so homesick that she only ended up staying 36 hours. Oh well, we enjoyed her while she was here.

During Jon’s second week off, we headed to Vegas to spend a fun-filled 5 days with the Huffman family. Sarah and Aaron loved playing with their cousin Eli. David Huffman immediately began showing signs of an allergic reaction to Vegas (a malady Jon has often exhibited whenever within Vegas city limits), and spent much of his time seeking the comfort of his bed. (I heard he made a full and immediate recovery upon arriving back in California.) Jon’s Vegas allergies were slightly lessened this time around due to the only insightful decision Vegas has ever made—to ban cigarette smoking except directly in the casinos. Since we tend to avoid the casinos like the plague they are, this greatly increased our ability to avoid excessive smoke inhalation, as well. Now if we can only get them to ban the blatant pornography, but I guess one good decision from Vegas is all we can expect this decade. Needless to say, as we all are not fans of the Strip, we spent most of our time enjoying off-strip amusements, such as the Ethel M. chocolate factory (don’t get suckered into buying grossly overpriced M&M’s, however!), a fun Old West Ghost Town with a petting zoo, our resort’s pool and amenities, not to mention plenty of downtime playing games of Hand and Foot. (The poor guys never stood a chance against me and Jen.) We even ran into an old friend of Jon, Dan Wyatt, who works is the sales center of our resort. How crazy! It was fun to hang out with him during our brief excursion to the Strip before heading out of town. Again, my camera was broken, but pictures will be forthcoming as I managed to convince Jen to be my personal photographer throughout the week. (Poor thing probably ended up with more pictures of my family than hers!)

We ended Jon’s two weeks off with a great Easter, highlighted by our Primary Easter activity with a huge Easter Egg Hunt (which of course my primary presidency and I were in charge of, so it had to be great, right?), and a delicious dinner with our “second” family, the Roses and Howards. The Lee family joined us and it was a perfect Easter and a perfect way to end Jon’s break. Now, it’s all back to the grindstone for us. (I’m actually typing this on my break at work!) We hope you all had a great and memorable Easter, and we’ll post some pictures of our adventures soon!