Sunday, August 21, 2005

Happy 1st Birthday Aaron! Posted by Picasa

Aaron playing with his new birthday present. Posted by Picasa

Such a Big Boy! Posted by Picasa

Aaron's First Birthday!

Yesterday our little boy turned one-year-old. I can't believe how fast this last year went, although at times, it felt like an eternity. Aaron is still not quite walking yet, although he is perfectly capable of it. He'll take a few steps here and there, but he realizes he can get where he wants to go so much faster crawling and gives up on the whole walking thing. He'll get there soon, though. But he's growing up so much in other areas. He'll actually go off and play with his toys on his own for a while now, even climbing upstairs on his own to get to his toy area. Very convenient when I want to be cleaning downstairs. Unfortunately, he also likes to go off on his own now in stores, at church, anywhere he can get on his hands and knees and start crawling. It makes Sacrament Meeting a bit of a nightmare. The other night Jon and I took turns following him around Barnes and Noble while the other looked at books. Aaron LOVES to explore, meet new people, and crawl--fast. No wonder he hasn't started walking! He's just the sweetest baby and just keeps getting sweeter as he gets older. We unfortunately didn't do much to celebrate his birthday yesterday, but we figured we'll celebrate this week up at Aspen Grove with the whole Coombs family. Luckily Aaron is too young to realize that we gipped him on his birthday, and I'm usually the one who loves birthdays! But in our defense, both the Howards and the Browns were out of town this weekend, so we really didn't have too many people to celebrate with.

So, this week we take off for Utah on our whirlwind family reunion. I almost feel like we'll be driving as much as we'll be actually there, but I know it will be worth it. We're so sad that the Mark Coombs family won't be able to join us, but we're looking forward to seeing them for Thanksgiving.

Well, this entry isn't too exciting, but do check back soon--we should have a lot more to say in the next entry!
We love you all!