Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Moving Forward

Fortunately and unfortunately, I am home today. Unfortunate because it means that Stefanie and Audrey Burningham are sick and couldn't watch Aaron today so I couldn't go to work, and subsequently couldn't make money, but fortunate because I got to be home with my cute boy today and get some things done.

The biggest thing I was able to accomplish was to lock down a little more info regarding our move! It looks like Jon and I have our closing date on June 27th and unless something terrible and unforeseeable happens, that should be pretty firm. We are scheduled as of the moment to have our walk-through on June 20th. This is all good news because it means that Jon and I will have a full week work-free to get things ready for the move instead of having the stress of finishing school one day and moving the next. I was also able to talk to our loan agent and get our rate locked in today at a better rate than we had expected, so we're really excited and it seems like everything is working out great. I'm so glad because I have been a little more than mildly stressed about this whole experience recently. Maybe now I'll start sleeping better!

Jon and I had a wonderful weekend--Friday night we had dinner with the Fultons and some of their close family and friends to celebrate John's recent graduation from Cal State Long Beach Film program. What a great accomplishment! And John definitely has the talent to do some amazing work in the film industry. I just hope he remembers us little people when he accepts his Oscar for best screenplay and best director!

On Saturday Jon and I finally got to see Star Wars Ep III. We thought it was great, and by FAR the best of the 3 prequels, but anyone that has seen it could tell you that. On Sunday we drove up to our friends Jeanette and Rob's home in LA for a little get-together with her family (and the Fultons again). We had a great lunch and got to watch both Jeannete's promo for her new reality series and John's final film he recently showed at the CSULB student film festival. Both were great. Again--remember us little people!

And finally, Monday (Memorial Day) we had a California Coombs gathering with a BBQ, swimming, a showing of National Treasure, and lots of chatting. It was tons of fun, and it was really fun to be able to celebrate part of Jim and Shelly's anniversary with them! Happy Anniversary Jim and Shelly! Jim gave Shelly some of the most beautiful roses I have ever seen, and they both enjoyed a massage from Jen. What a way to spend the day! What a great couple. Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day, Jim and Shelly!

Just a few more weeks left, and it's been so fun that we've been able to pack every minute with fun, friends, and family. We love all of you!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Finally growing up

Since my (Heather's) family left last week, we've just been recuperating and getting back to schedule. It was so great having everyone here--especially going to Disneyland with everyone. Jon and I had really been wanting to go to Disneyland one more time before we left California, but we didn't think we'd be able to really pull it off. It was so much fun; I think we took over 100 pictures that day! We both miss our annual passes so much. Now we have other things to look forward to doing.

So, only a month left for us here in Tustin. It's been busy for us, but not too exciting. Now that I'm no longer in Young Women's (I was the 1st counselor and had been in YW for almost 3 years), I feel like I have no responsibilities at church, which with us leaving, is just as well. Work, in the meantime, seems to make me feel busy, even though I'm only working 2-3 days a week. I guess it's because I want to get done in 2 days what other academic advisors have 5 days to get done. It's a good thing I love what I do, though, because it's stressful trying to be a full-time mom, and still be a productive employee. I don't know how single working moms do it!

Jon and I spend a lot of time dreaming about our new home--living in, entertaining in, decorating, filling. It seems almost unreal that this time next month we could be living in our own home. We feel so "grown-up"! I guess it's about time--although I've had a hard time thinking I'm any older than 23. How can I possibly be 30! And a mom! And a homeowner! It's not that I have any problem with getting older, it's more like I'm just confused by the reality of it. I just still feel like I'm "playing" house sometimes. Now I just get to play in a bigger house! Maybe growing up won't be so bad. =)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Beautiful Sunset in Carlsbad Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Disneyland--all decked out for the 50th Anniversary! Posted by Hello

Heather's Family at Disneyland--Quinn, Mel, Ella, Mom, Grandma, Heather, Aaron, and Jon Posted by Hello

On Monday, May 8, Aaron got his first introduction to Disneyland! Posted by Hello

Jon and Heather's First Blog

Hi Everyone! So this is our first official "blog", but we figured this would be the easiest way to keep in touch with family and friends and let you all see updated pictures of our fun life. We're almost counting down the days until we move to Arizona. The Howards have been generously sending us pictures of our home's progress, and it helps to make us even more excited. Now that the Bosleys have left us for Arizona, we feel like we're the only ones left here in Tustin. It's hard to believe in just about a month, it will be our turn!