Friday, September 23, 2005

Looking towards the future...

Well, I'm FINALLY starting to get out of the worst of my pregnancy sickness, and it feels so nice to not NEED to be horizontal all the time. This pregnancy is truly following the pattern set by my pregnancy with Aaron, almost down to the week. I start feeling sick around 7 weeks, I gradually get worse and worse until around 10 weeks where I can hardly function due to being so sick, and then I wake up one morning...and the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, and all seems relatively right in the world. I'm just now getting to that point. I'm still pretty tired and a little sick, but the fact that I'm sitting upright typing at the computer is a sure sign that I'm on the mend, at least.

So, enough about that. I'm sure you don't want to hear about my being super sick. The big news affecting pretty much the whole Coombs family (Great 8) is all the real estate developments going on in St. George that may have most of the family moving to St. George by next summer, getting their real estate licenses, and helping dad sell new homes in Hurricane and Apple Valley. It's a great oppportunity for everyone, and what makes it even more special is the chance to have the whole family together. Of course, nothing is set in stone or finalized yet. It's pretty much a waiting game at the moment as we see if the investors like the property and want to start developing it. The hardest part for us, of course, it the thought of leaving all of our friends whom we moved to Arizona to be close to in the first place. We'll see what happens...there are still a lot of prayers and pondering to take place, but it's an exciting opportunity to think about, no matter what happens!

Well, that's the big news from us. Jon is looking forward to his two weeks off at the beginning of October (oh, the joys of being a teacher), and I'm looking forward to finally getting some energy back. We sure love you all!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Wow! What an amazing view! Jon and I hiked to the first falls on Mt. Timp. It was beautiful. Posted by Picasa

Aren't my boys cute? Posted by Picasa

Enjoying some time together Posted by Picasa

What a Week! BIG NEWS.

So, before I get to our fabulous family reunion up at Aspen Grove, I better share with you all our exciting news...


Yep, that's right. I'm pregnant, probably about 7 or 8 weeks, so not too far along yet. Jon and I really wanted to have our first two close together so they could always have a friend, and I really didn't want to be pregnant in Arizona over the summer, so a spring baby seemed perfect. I should be due mid to late April, which to me couldn't be more perfect. We're both so excited, but I'm not excited about the actual "being" pregnant part. I spend most of every day totally sick, but if this is anything like last time, I should be over the sickness part by around 10 weeks, so a couple more torturous weeks to go, and I should be fine.

So, that's the really exciting news. But in the midst of all this fun and excitement, Jon, Aaron, and I got to spend the week with the Coombs family up at Aspen Grove, UT. What a great time we had! We loved spending it with the whole family--playing wallyball, sitting around playing cards, hiking, and mostly just talking and catching up. There is so much to do there, and they even have free daycare during the day so we could all spend some uninterrupted adult time together. We also had fun at the Aspen Grove-sponsored activities, where the Coombs' did very well with awards. The Coombs family as a whole came in 1st in the Aspen Follies Competition, and I came in 1st in the Air Rifle Shooting for the whole camp! Wow, my parents would be so proud! The whole week was so much fun. We took tons of great pictures. In fact, it was while taking pictures that we announced to the whole Coombs family that I was pregnant. Jon was taking the pictures and took a big family group shot, then said, "Okay, we want the next picture to be really special, so on the count of 3, everyone say, 'Heather's Pregnant!'" I don't think people believed him at first. Most people just looked confused and said, "Are you serious!?" But there was general rejoicing once they realized it was true. On Saturday we had an all-too-quick chance to see Peep and Derek, which we loved and then it was time to head home. Other than the drive up and the drive back (especially the drive back where both Jon and I were sick!), the whole week was amazing. We miss everyone already.

It's been a wonderful couple of weeks. We loved our trip, but we've loved being home too. Jon is enjoying teaching and has some great kids, although he often talks of how much he misses his last high school, Tesoro, in California. Aaron is just getting cuter and cuter. He's such a sweet and happy baby almost all the time. He makes it so easy to be his mom. In fact, the other day I was laying on the couch very sick, and he came over, poked his head in front of mine with his big smile until I smiled back, and then dashed away, returning a minute later with a teddy bear for me. How adorable is that! And it's been so wonderful seeing our house everyday becoming more like a home. We love it. Now if I can just hold my sick head up long enough to enjoy all of it...

Well, we love you all! Hope to see many of you soon, either in Arizona or in your neck of the woods. Click on the link to the right to see more wonderful pictures of our fun trip to Aspen Grove. They're worth checking out!